Lab to Fab

Our team of in-house application specialists works closely with our customers from early stage lab testing all the way up to deployment in mass production.
Lab Testing
Mass Production
We maintain state of the art facilities for materials testing and OLED pilot-production across our facilities in Toronto and Asia to support our customers.
Our diverse team of engineers, researchers and industry veterans can solve even the toughest manufacturing problems with ease.

Tech Transfer

We support technology transfer to accelerate the adoption of our technology in mass production, and participate in joint development with customers to support the creation of customized solutions.
IP License
Joint Development
Tech Support
We also provide technical support and on-site training for customers to use our technology in their production and research environments.


We have extensive in-house capabilities, with state of the art manufacturing and rapid prototyping techniques, for OLED device and application development using new materials.
Our team of engineering and design specialists can support any scale of OLED prototype development project using new or proprietary materials.