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Electrode Materials

We are the leading developer of advanced electrode materials, and associated manufacturing processes, for OLED displays and lighting.
Many of the remaining technological challenges for OLED displays, are a result of the traditional anode and cathode electrode materials used in mass production.
Our electrode materials and process technologies, have been formulated to improve manufacturing costs, power consumption, image burn-in, color shift and panel size limitations.

Materials Discovery

Our team of materials and data scientists use computational materials design, combined with quantum chemical simulations and advanced machine learning, as part of a proprietary discovery platform that accelerates the development of new materials.
Quantum Simulations
Machine Learning
Short listed candidate materials are synthesized and their properties validated through extensive characterization and performance testing, with results feeding back to reinforce the simulations and machine learning.
Performance Testing
For OLED materials, our capabilities further extend to in-house testing in device pilot-production and mass production testing with partners.